Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Before commencing to the final choice of memorial there a rules and restrictions that apply to the placing of a memorial on a burial site. Llanelli joint burials Authority, who manage Llanelli District Cemetery, support the installation of memorial headstone that complies with regulations. The size of memorial with in the cemetery will depend on the location of the grave.

Llanelli District Cemetery

As a “Llanelli District Cemetery” approved memorial mason, Special Memorials will advice you on which memorial is compliant and suitable. 
A Memorial Permit Application is required and approval must be obtained prior to work commencing.
We will help you complete the application and submit it to the authority on your behalf.
The current fees for the application will be available on: 

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In a churchyard the adjoining or neighboring church usually owns the land and the management of memorials follow the rules and regulations of “The Church In Wales”. An application for the erection of a new gravestone must be completed and submitted to the appointed clergy for authorization to proceed.

Qualified & Certified Installation

Our team off experienced and BRAMM certified fitters will install your memorial to the highest of standards. Taking care at each step to ensure that the installation is completed in accordance with current British standards, using the latest lock down safety systems and anchoring methods. 
Your final memorial and surrounding area will be left clean and presentable, while your memorial has a final polish to ensure it is presented perfectly ready for your respects.

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