The importance of selecting the right typeface to reflect your wording is important an important choice, as this is a permanent inscription. The style and colouring you choose will have a huge impact on the entire image of the stone. Cutting lettering in to the stone is an intricate and permanent process and choosing the right font and colour is final. There is a selection of fonts that are used for the inscription of headstone lettering. We have put together an example of fonts to choose from, remembering this is not the limitation of fonts but they are the most popular and appropriate.


One of the most popular used fonts for memorial headstones in Llanelli. It is highly legible and works great on a number of colour materials.
Roman Italic
Part of the Roman lettering font, roman italic is commonly used for the epitaph, bible passage or quotes.
A very elegant font that is used for personal messages. 
Phyllis People choose this font for the memorial due to its elegant and classic look 
Old English 
A popular choice for memorials, used for header sections 

Below are examples of further optional fonts for use on a memorial.

Headstone inscription text
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