Choosing a Gravestone

Choosing a Gravestone 

Choosing your Special Memorial

A headstone or gravestone memorial is a permanent marker that is carved from stone and placed at the site of a burial in a cemetery. The gravestone is an everlasting memorial to a loved one that has passed away. A beautiful tribute, paying respect to their life that will remain for many years. This is a difficult time, with decisions being difficult to make. We at Special Memorials are here to help you make to right decision taking you through every aspect of choosing a gravestone that is appropriate and in compliance with the cemetery.

"Special Memories deserve a Special Memorial"
Gravestone in llanelli


There are many types of gravestone with factors that will influence your decision in choosing one. A gravestone should represent the personality of the deceased, whilst staying with in the regulations of the cemetery. We will advise you on restrictions that apply to the cemetery where your loved ones are laid to rest. We can offer assistance in selecting appropriate inscription and will ensure that there is enough space on the headstone to accommodate all future internments while presenting your loving message in a smart and sophisticated manner.


Lawn memorials are the most common headstones; Special Memorials have a range of upright headstones that are appropriate for graveyards in Llanelli. The most popular gravestone is an upright stone standing at 30” x 24” and 4” deep. The upright section sits on a matching base connected together by an approved NAMM locking system. The most popular headstone is made from black granite and finished in a high gloss polished finish. There are a wide selection of materials available, most commonly granite and marble.
Llanelli Memorial Headstone

Desk Wedge and Flat Tablets

A desk wedge gravestone and a flat gravestone are simple yet beautiful grave markers. They are often used as a grave marker in smaller sections of graveyards or as a cremation headstone. These stones are either laid slightly raised directly in the ground or on a concrete or granite foundation. Due to the flat nature text on these stones tend to last less time than upright gravestones.

Curb Surrounds

Curb surrounds are fitted in front of the main gravestone. The most common heights of the curb sets are 4” and 6”, finished in a square edge. Curb sets are available in half and full sets. A half set will sit in front of the headstone extending the base of the stone by 18” with the area in side the curbs filled with granite chippings or a flat granite top. A full curb set will extend the entire grave, installed on a concrete foundation.

Future additional and second burials

When choosing a gravestone for recently deceased is important to meet the expectation of they’re wishes and meet future requirements. Considering second burials is important in choosing the size of gravestone and the content layout of the inscription cut to the front of the stone.

Gravestone Finishes

Granite is the most durable material offering a product that will with stand almost any weather condition. With the proper care and attention the gravestone will stay looking beautiful for many years. Alternate finishes will change the appearance of the stone and will alter the amount of maintenance required. Whilst a flat stone is prone to requiring more attention to keep the stone in a pristine condition, upright stones require less attention. A polished gravestone is smooth and shiny with a reflective surface like glass. A honed gravestone has a smooth and non-reflective surface. A naturel edge stone, also known as pitched edge has a rough edge giving a rustic look.
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